Call for Submissions

Every quarter, Braving Veracity launches a new call for submissions. Submitted drafts should have a completed arc, but that does not mean the writing has to be advanced or perfected in the initial draft. Early drafts are rarely the finished product. Early drafts have what Dida calls ‘placeholders’ from which the essay evolves. There will be many drafts, each one bringing the writer closer to what they’ve come to the piece to say and illustrate, related to or based on each volume’s theme. 


As the work is coached and edited by didaink staff, the word count may expand. However, the initial word length for a submitted draft should be no more than 1,500 words. The writer and editor will work together to refine the essay over the course of 1-3 months, or longer, if the essay requires it. If the writer needs more time to make revisions or changes to a draft before a scheduled publication date, their essay can be added to the BV volume after its release date. The writing and editing process with didaink is a supportive one; we don’t work under a pressured or rushed timeline. As the work is ready, didaink signs off on the essay for publication.