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Braving Veracity

Personal Essays By Brandywine Women Series

Braving Veracity is a collection of essays written by women in the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania who’ve revealed poignant truths about themselves, their families, and their personal lives. The proceeds from the sale of this collection will go towards supporting their work and their exploration of memoir and creative nonfiction.

Braving Veracity Volume 2

Personal Essays By Brandywine Women Series

Volume 2 of Braving Veracity is dedicated to women influencers: the women who influenced, changed or inspired each writer’s life experience during difficult times.

Volume 3 cover

Braving Veracity Volume 3

Personal Essays By Brandywine Women Series

Volume 3 is centered around how men and/or boys influenced the writers as women, daughters, sisters, and mothers. In a world where female voices are often dominated by male declarations, each featured writer had the opportunity to consider how one or more male figures changed them for the better, and sometimes for the worse.